Custom electric branding iron

Custom branding irons can be super expensive for leather or woodworking. So what's the alternative? Make your own! if you want to go super cheap all you need is a really, really big nail. That's what I used to make my first branding irons to put my armadillo logo onto my leather products. You can m...By: PhiskeContinue Reading » … [Read more...]

CartoLucci: A Candle-Powered Christmas Card

If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas present, you probably won’t have enough time to reproduce [Helmar's] candle-powered Christmas card. He’s been working on it for a few years now, since his first prototype in 2010. Though he pieced together the original card with parts lying around his workshop, the most recent iteration looks like it belongs on the shelf in a store. We last saw [Helmar's] work two years ago, when he shared his Full Color Laser TV. This project is a … [Read more...]

Recover Exchange Server from Corruption & Dirty Shutdown

Recover Exchange Server from dirty shutdown, corrupted database, internal-device failure, Jet errors etc via specialized Exchange Server Recovery software. Similarly there are many circumstances when user mailboxes and their important business data are left enclosed in a corrupted or offline databas...By: luciferjemmieContinue Reading » … [Read more...]

Camper R6

Good day. I definitely did not take enough photos for this to be a step by step instruction. Camper R6 began it life as the swapping of a Yamaha R6 for a camper trailer tent top. Thus the need to build a trailer for it to fit on let the fun begin. Chassis is 75 by 50 by 3mm RHS side and front ra...By: mick2653Continue Reading » … [Read more...]

With $1.5M In Angel Funding, Wants To Provide Better Recommendations For Important Service Providers

There are tons of recommendation sites out there, but for services where the stakes are much higher than a meal–like pediatricians or financial advisors–a lot of people still prefer referrals from friends. But that’s a challenge if you are, for example, new to an area. New site wants to mimic the way word-of-mouth referrals work by providing an invite-only platform where people can find recommendations for medical professionals, general contractors and childcare from … [Read more...]

LED Matrix Mask Will Scare Up Holiday Cheer

[Davide] sent us this fun LED matrix mask he built using an ATMega8 and 74LS595N shift registers. Each of the eyes is an 8×8 LED matrix, and the mouth is made from two 8x8s. [Davide] used a ULN2803A Darlington transistor array to drive the matrices. When the user steps behind the mask, an IR sensor detects that a face is within range and activates the facial features. The code randomly runs the eye and mouth patterns. If the user starts speaking, a microphone element detects his voice and a … [Read more...]